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Instructions for students

LE Online Course – Student instructions

1. How to log on and start the LE course

  1. Go to
    1. Fill in all the details and click “Create my new account”
    2. You will receive an email (please check your junk mail)
    3. This step is VERY IMPORTANT: click the link OR copy the activation link and paste it into your browser address bar and hit enter to activate your enrolment
    4. A message will appear saying “your registration has been confirmed”
    5. Click the courses button
    6. Click “Training Course” link  to open the LE course.
    7. You are NOW ready to start the course
  3. For RETURNING users: On the home page, in the RHS login box, enter your  username - email address and password that you registered with. If you can’t remember then click “forgot password”
  4. EDIT YOUR PROFILE: In the LE course, other users in your conference can view your profile. By default, people can view your EMAIL address. If you want to hide your email address then you need to edit your profile and change the setting.
    To do this, click on “My Profile Settings” at the very top of the page, next to the “Logout” button.

2. How to use the course

  1. When you have logged in, click on the “Like an Army” link
  2. The lessons have to be completed in order, as they build on each other.
  3. Click Lesson One to get started.
  4. Do the activities on the page and then click the “Next” button and the bottom of the page
  5. Each lesson has a set of readings and then multiple choice questions
  6. For each question, you are allowed 9 attempts. If you keep getting the question wrong, you will be given another 9 chances to answer before you can proceed to the next question.
  7. Please note that the answers to the questions are displayed in a random order every time you view it.

3. How to view your grades

  1. Click on “Course Administration” in the menu bar at the top of the page
  2. Click on “Grades”
  3. This will show you your score for each lesson.

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